Building on four generations of tradition

James Lewandowski, CEO  
[email protected]

Andrew R. Hays, Senior Director [email protected]
(724) 350-6671

“Elk Lake Capital is a family owned private equity firm focused exclusively on control-investment opportunities in private entrepreneurial companies.”
LOCATION: Northeast & Southeast Continental U.S. Preferred
INDUSTRY: Manufacturing, Food, Energy, Financial Services, Logistics, Health Care
AVOID: Restaurant/Retail, Advertising, Auto, Start-Ups, Turnarounds
$7.5 million to $20 Million
ANNUAL REVENUE: Up to $40 Million
GROWTH: Positive growth, especially within industry or firm
EBITDA: $2 MM to $5 MM
MARGIN: 10% Plus
CUSTOMER CONCENTRATION: Top 10 customers should not be more than 40% of Revenue. One customer not more than 25%.
UNION: Prefer non-union
MANAGEMENT TEAM: Strong, stable team willing to stay. Management investment would be considered. Cultural fit.
ENVIRONMENTAL: No large end-user product liability risk; i.e. toxicity, explosives, radiation, etc.